Word Rocket brings together skills and experience from creative, collaborative and interdisciplinary work in bespoke training and consultation for academic researchers. It draws from creative writing, arts-based research, science communication and participatory social engagement. Word Rocket offers a space for researchers to explore their own and their colleagues’ specialisms, from unexpected, novel and valuable perspectives.

What’s in it for you?

  • Could your researchers come up with more effective and enticing titles for their papers? (Of course they could!)
  • Would you like researchers to discover images and metaphors that more fully communicate their work to the public, to those from other fields – and to funders? (With interdisciplinary projects an increasing source of funding – yes!)
  • How might researchers explore the possibilities of interdisciplinary collaboration in their work? (Let’s find out!)
  • What narratives might be useful to help funders and employers understand the potential benefits of researchers’ work, on a human level? (Why yes! Individual perspectives that elucidate the future impact of your specialism could pull in additional resources.)
  • Could your researchers do with a space to share concerns, explore challenges, and strengthen their professional relationships, to support their wellbeing? (Research can be a challenging and solitary endeavour, so fostering a culture of support and openness can be hugely beneficial.)

By reimagining academic endeavour using carefully selected creative activities and skilfully delivered facilitation, together we can discover new, imaginative, engaging and dynamic ways of communicating your work – both within and beyond the scientific community.

Word Rocket can offer a selection of readymade half- or full-day workshops exploring the communication of research, creative collaboration and employability. We can also develop bespoke packages for your project or organisation, so please get in touch to discuss requirements through the Contact page.